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Seeing is believing
We will do a live analysis of your data with NLPP and explain you the benchmark results.
It’s just a click away
All we need are 20 - 25 records provided by you and we will impress you with the results.
Get the results for free
You will receive an NLPP version with your analysis results for free.
Special Offer
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Give us 1 hour of your time for a live demo and we will convince you
All we need are 20 to 25 records of products you want to analyze.
We explain the results to you and how to use them
We set up a remote session and show you your data in NLPP.
You will received all the results for free and can use them
You will receive an NLPP version with your data for further analysis by yourself.
which products have potential savings
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See potential savings per product
NLPP calculates three benchmarks (worst practice, should cost and best practice) for every product. You know the correct target price before you negotiate.
Analyze by supplier, region or whatever criteria you like
NLPP allows you to do "what-if" analysis with one click. See how your supplier, a region or part groups would be affected.
Use the information for baselining and reporting
NLPP results can be used to show & report how much better than the benchmark you perform, what goals are realistic etc.
whats a justified price for a new part
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Calculate price estimates (should costs)
With NLPP you calculate price estimates of parts in seconds. No need to send out a quote anymore or use complicated enterprise costing tools.
Integrate the results into your PLM system
You can put the NLPP price estimates back into your PLM system. Support active cost management within your product life cycle process.
Link NLPP results back to Engineering
Engineering can immediately find out how a design change impacts the should cost. Fast & accurate like with no other approach.
ABC Analysis
Cost Break Down
ABC Analyse
Bottom Up Kalkulation
Bottom Up Calculation
Let me tell you about how I got the best prices possible for our company's parts.  
Sehen Sie, wie ich die besten Einkaufspreise für meine Artikelgruppe realisiert habe.
Learn how NLPP works
Wie funktioniert NLPP?
Replay Scene
Price Drivers
Preis treiber
Master Data
Gewicht .07
Länge 3.0
Length 3.0
Durchmesser 2.0
Torque .69
Weight .07
Diameter 2.0
Kraft .69
Länge 2.0
Length 2.0
Gewicht .04
Weight .04
Durchmesser 1.6
Diameter 1.6
Torque .34
Kraft .34
Sie haben bereits alles denkbare unternommen um gute Einkaufspreise für Ihre Warengruppe zu erreichen?
You have done everything you can imagine to get good purchasing prices for your commodity.
But you are still requested to do better.
Dennoch sollen Sie weitere Einsparungen realisieren?
What is Your Progress On Savings?
Wo sind Ihre Einsparungen?
NLPP is your tool for cost optimization, benchmarking, and price estimates. It shows which parts are costing you more than they should.
NLPP ist die leistungsstarke Preisanalyse für Kostenoptimierung, Benchmarking und Preisprognosen. NLPP zeigt Ihnen welche Teile teurer als gerechtfertigt sind.
With NLPP you know the correct price before you negotiate with suppliers.
Mit NLPP kennen Sie den korrekten Preis bevor Sie mit Lieferanten verhandeln. Dieser Perspektivwechsel ist eine neue Erfahrung für Einkäufer.
NLPP is easy to use because it uses data you already have. The price, the quantity and properties that are important to you like weight, diameter, power, width, etc. The price-drivers.
NLPP ist einfach anzuwenden, da es Ihre vorhandenen Daten nutzt: Preis, Menge und Preistreiber wie Gewicht, Durchmesser, Drehmoment, Breite, etc.
Sie erstellen einfach eine Excel-Datei mit den Angaben zu Preis, Menge und Preistreibern für einige bereits gekaufte Produkte.
You just collect the price, quantity and price-drivers for a couple of your already purchased parts into a spreadsheet.
Sie importieren die Daten 1:1 in NLPP und arbeiten mit der gleichen Struktur wie bisher. NLPP unterstützt beliebig viele Spalten und Zeilen.
You then import the CSV file into NLPP, identify which columns are your price, quantity and price drivers, and let NLPP start its calculations.
Through the magic of mathematics, NLPP creates from your data a price-prediction / price-estimation formula by which the correct price can be calculated.
Mit der Magie der Mathematik berechnet NLPP aus Ihren Daten eine Preisformel.
0.122 - 0.009 * 'Länge' + 0.005 * 'Gewicht' + 0.011 * 'Durchmesser' - 0.001 * 'Kraft' = should-cost
0.122 - 0.009 * 'Length' + 0.005 * 'Weight' + 0.011 * 'Diameter' - 0.001 * 'Torque' = should-cost
The NLPP formula is your key to success. It’s the thing that tells you the correct price you should pay. Now let’s cross-check your current pricing.
Die NLPP Preisformel ist der Schlüssel zu Ihren Einsparungen. Die Preisformel liefert Ihnen den Preis, den Sie zahlen sollten.
NLPP generates a “should-cost,” or target price, for each part.
NLPP berechnet mit dieser Preisformel den Soll- / Zielpreis für jede Teilenummer.
NLPP zeigt Ihnen das Ergebnis grafisch an. Sie erkennen sofort welche Teile ein Einsparpotenzial haben.
NLPP shows you the result graphically. You don’t have to crawl through endless Excel lines. Just take a look and you will immediately see which products have potential savings.
Actual Price < Should Cost
Aktueller Preis > Should Cost
Actual Price > Should Cost
Aktueller Preis < Should Cost
NLPP berechnet zwei weitere Benchmarks: "Worst Practice" und "Best Practice". Damit kennen Sie zusätzlich die obere und untere Grenze des gerechtfertigten Preises für jede Teilenummer.
NLPP calculates 2 additional benchmarks for you: Best Price and Worst Price You will really know for sure what the upper and lower prices of your parts should be. You know it even better than the supplier.
Worst Preis Segment
Best Preis Segment
Mit den NLPP Ergebnissen verhandeln Sie anders als bisher: Der Lieferant muss Ihnen nun nicht nachvollziehbare Preisunterschiede zwischen ähnlichen Teilen erklären.
Now that you have the power of NLPP’s results in your hands, you negotiate in a different way than before: The supplier now needs to explain to you why prices differ so much between mostly similar parts.
Ihre neue Perspektive auf Nutzen & Wert im Verhältnis zum Preis, führt dazu, dass Sie für Ihre Teile das beste Preis-Leistungsverhältnis erzielen.
Since you switched from a cost view to a performance view, your reward is, that your parts have the best possible price performance ratio.
Previous Price:  0.091 Should Cost Price:                    0.035 Savings:              0.056
New Contract
Neuer Vertrag
Alter Preis:0.91 Neuer Preis:0.35 Einsparung:0.56
Now it's your turn to try NLPP.
Try A Free Demo
Nutzen Sie die Chance und probieren Sie NLPP einfach aus.
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NLPP empowered our team with new insights we always wished to have.
Automotive Customer
NLPP is used by purchasers, value engineers, cost analysts, finance departments and others who need detailed insight into cost optimization potentials based on available data.
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After 1 day training I was able to use NLPP in my daily work. It’s amazingly fast and easy to use.
Strategic Buyer
Dozens of functions like graphical benchmarks, cluster coloring, potential calculation, price estimates, data export, optimal mathematical method selection, and more make NLPP a tool you will use every day.
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It sounds like magic? Give NLPP a try. You will be amazed what’s possible.
Robert M. Münch, CEO, Saphirion AG
Built by experts in cost optimization, NLPP uses the magic of mathematics to calculate the correct price of a product.
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You already have data about your products. If you're not using it, you're missing important opportunities.
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You learn how prices and costs are influenced by product features, which features drive costs up and down, and by how much.
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NLPP strengthens your position & boosts your career by bringing hidden information to light. Information is power.
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Your NLPP license covers unlimited direct access to our expert team. We will look at your analysis results and explain those results to anyone who wants to dig deep into the mathematics behind them.
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Your NLPP license covers installation on unlimited an number of systems per user.
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We will train you to become an NLPP expert and make the most out of the results. From then on your impact will matter.
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You get a set of guides that explain the usage of NLPP, the concept behind it and the deep parts of the mathematics used.
NLPP by itself is a great tool, but there are other tools out there. The real difference is our involvement from start to finish. Our goal is to help you succeed, on your terms.
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NLPP results matches prices internally calculated by a complex enterprise costing solution in precision and quality
The time required to get a precise cost estimate is reduced from days to only a few minutes
A savings potential of about 800,000 EUR (over $1M USD, around 8%) was identified
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Without NLPP it was previously impossible to analyze a product group consisting of 13,000 parts
Outliers were identified in seconds using NLPP's graphical analysis features
NLPP focused the user on those parts that had the biggest cost impact / savings potential
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Give us 1 hour of your time for a live demo and we will convince you
All we need are 20 to 25 records of products you want to analyze.
We explain the results to you and how to use them
We set up a remote session and show you your data in NLPP.
You will received all the results for free and can use them
You will receive an NLPP version with your data for further analysis by yourself.